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Hypopressive Educational Series

Be at the forefront of core training and become part of the International Hypopressive Community. 

Whether you are a health, fitness or sports professional looking for something new and exciting to help your clients or patients, the Hypopressive Educational Series will provide you with the exclusive knowledge regarding this revolutionary method. This holistic training system combines respiratory and postural re-education, with neurodynamic exercises, myofascial release techniques and neurological-educational principles to obtain an optimal learning process and best mind-body results. 

This method is an excellent tool to complement any therapeutic or physical activity program in order to prevent or treat dysfunctions and injuries related to excessive increases of abdominal pressure and core dysfunction. 

The Hypopressive Educational Series is divided into 3 levels (approximately 15 hours each level ) for qualified professionals in the following fields:

  • Personal Training
  • Fitness, Pilates, Yoga Instruction
  • Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic
  • Obstetrics, Midwifery 

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Level One: The Foundation

The Level One course consists of the theoretical and physiological concepts upon which this method is based. You will discover the benefits of this method and how/why it evolved from a simple rehabilitation tool to a complete body workout. You will learn the hypopressive breathing technique and how to teach it to your clients/patients and the basic exercise routine. Each pose is demonstrated and analysed for better understanding and optimal coaching.


  • Introduction to Hypopressives
  • Physiological mechanisms
  • Core and pelvic floor biomechanics
  • From evidence to practice
  • Clinical cases
  • Functional assessment part 1: breathing pattern disorders and abdominal wall

Practical labs

  • Foundations 0: Hypopressive Breathing
  • Foundations 1: Postural Principles
  • Hypopressive series 1: stabilisation positions
  • Pre-hypopressive exercises: shoulder stability and breathing 
  • From wall to mat 1
  • Hypopressive transitions, variations and modifications series 1 


Current Health or Fitness related Professional Certification
Current First Aid Certification

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Level Two: Mobilisation

Level two you will be provided with a more in-depth and detailed understanding of the hypopressive technique. In addition to the initial static poses learnt in Level 1 you will be shown, experience and progress through the more advanced dynamic series.


  • Cardio-physiology of breathing
  • Sympathovagal balance
  • The science of teaching hypopressives
  • Functional assessment part 2: Breathing pattern disorders and postural imbalances

Practical Labs

  • Foundations 2: Spinal mobilisation
  • Hypopressive series 2: mobilisation positions
  • Adjustments and teaching hypopressives
  • Pre-hypopressive exercises: warm-up exercises
  • Hypopressive transitions, variations and modifications series 2


Completing Level 1

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Level Three: Neuro-Myofascial Movement

This advanced level includes a deeper and more complex theoretical understanding and the integration of complementary tools with the practical routine. Upon completion of level 3 you will be issued with the IHC certification.


  • Neuro-myofascial movement
  • Myofascial chains applied to hypopressives
  • The art of teaching all hypopressive levels

Practical labs

  • Foundations 3: Spinal and arm twist
  • Hypopressive series 3: neuro-myofascial positions 
  • Hypopressive sequencing and assisting
  • Pre-hypopressive exercises: relaxation ad myofascial techniques
  • From wall to mat 3
  • Hypopressive transitions, variations and modifications series 3

Hypopressives Australia is a member of the International Hypopressive Council (IHC). The Hypopressives Educational Series follow the IHC standards and are internationally recognised by ay country and organisation member of the Council. To learn more about the IHC click here