Hi, I’m Paula Campanero, the founder of Core Tone Fitness

Paul Campanero

I always knew that I would be involved in sport and fitness. In Spain, where I grew up, I competed as a professional pole vaulter. Knowing I would need something for my future career I went on to study Health and Sports Science, attaining a Bachelors Degree. I then completed a Masters Degree in Sports Performance.

Back then I discovered the benefits of hypopressive exercises. I had read some of the published research on the hypopressive approach, especially as it related to women, and I wanted to know more. A that time Spain was the only place in the world where certification courses were offered. Shortly after receiving my Master Trainer Certification I moved to Australia. I decided to share this innovative technique with other fitness and health professionals.

As an ex professional athlete and now a mum of two, I am aware of the negative effects that impact training, heavy lifting and pregnancy and childbirth can have. Hypopressive training is a great way to help improve and restore your core.